The amount of ways patent prosecution tools can benefit a patent application has grown significantly.

Early on, online patent search tools connected the world and brought national and international patent documents within a few clicks. Patent practitioners caught on that simple patent statistics, such as a patent examiner’s allowance rate or patent prosecution times, can help effectively inform decisions throughout patent prosecution. Finally, automated patent drafting tools that have emerged to help produce superior patent applications continue to evolve by facilitating the drafting of effective responses to office actions.

Advantages of Office Action Response Tools

The LexisNexis PatentOptimizer® patent drafting tool is already known for its many advantages, such as helping to consistently draft high-quality patent applications, streamlining patent prosecution process by helping to avoid Section 112 related errors and rejections, and ultimately contributing to stronger, more defensible patents. The Office Action Response tool, which is available to PatentOptimizer® users, also contributes to patent prosecution efficiency in several unique ways.

The Office Action Response tool helps save both time and money by:

  • Streamlining Office Action Rejection Analysis. PatentOptimizer accesses USPTO patent documents specific to your case and produces outlines of the most recent office action and suggested response.
  • Reducing Office Action Response Drafting Times. In addition to streamlining rejection analysis, the Office Action Response tool recommends boilerplate arguments to seamlessly incorporate into a user’s response draft.
  • Improves Office Action Accuracy. Through advanced rejection analysis and the use of pre-vetted response language, PatentOptimizer facilitates the avoidance of non-compliant amendments and non-responsive responses.

Office Action Response Tools in a Familiar Workspace

PatentOptimizer integrates with the document software you already know. After opening an interfacing program, such as Microsoft Word, users can interact with PatentOptimizer features on the PatentOptimizer toolbar. Clicking the Office Action Response button allows user to produce a customizable office action response.

After a clicking the Office Action Response button, a window will open with several tabs. From the “Downloads” tab, users can enable patent document retrieval straight from the USPTO’s Public PAIR patent document database. Users can also opt to retrieve information from a patent case that will be imported into Word and can be used to recommend office action responses – this includes any office action, claims, amendments, drawings, and other information that a user may wish to utilize in drafting their office action response.

Click “Finish,” and PatentOptimizer generates an office action summary hierarchy that provides an interactive overview of the previous office action. PatentOptimizer even provides links to references found in retrieved USPTO documents.

In the “Responses” tab, users will find suggestions for language to use in their office action response. Users can navigate the PatentOptimizer-generated outline containing, among other things, suggested amendments to be made to the claims, support for the amendments, and recommended remarks and arguments. From the outline, users can double click to incorporate suggestions into the shell response document being built before their eyes.

PatentOptimizer helps users produce high-quality patent applications for submission to the USPTO, but, should an office action arise, PatentOptimizer can help you bring prosecution back on track. PatentOptimizer’s Office Action Response tool helps save both time and money with advanced response analysis and assisted office action response drafting tools.


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