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Focus on what matters most as you rely on industry-leading patent analytics and research tools to quickly give you the intelligence you need to drive new progress in IP.

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TotalPatent One®

Comprehensive, on-point results with a fast and easy-to-use modern interface.


Enable better strategic decision-making for smarter patent prosecution.


Create consistent, concise and well-tailored patent applications.


Gain valuable insights for benchmarking, licensing, trend scouting, and M&A.

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3 Reasons PatentAdvisor Examiner ETA™ Is Better Than Allowance Rate

PatentAdvisor ETA seeks to eliminate the bias inherent in allowance rates by taking into consideration each examiner’s experience and decision trends to produce a more predictive patent metric.

Upcoming Webinar - Five Time-Saving Tips for Patent Searching

Join us for a hands-on product-in-action webinar featuring how our cutting edge patent search tool can greatly improve your efficiency.

3 Benefits of Automating Your Office Action Responses

Deliver more accurate responses in a shorter time frame when you leverage the right tool.


PatentAdvisor ETA™

ETA™ predicts both the likelihood and difficulty of obtaining a patent.

Better Patents Now Podcast

Enable better strategic decision-making for smarter patent prosecution.

InfoPro Community

Resources, Tips, and Training on Intellectual Property Law for Information Professionals.

Recent Blog Posts

Drafting Quality Patents to Avoid §112 Rejections

Drafting Quality Patents to Avoid §112 Rejections

Section 112 is a fairly common basis for rejection at the USPTO, and pinning down the requirements and boundaries of Section 112 is a continuous struggle for patent practitioners, patent examiners, and courts, alike. Section 112 of Chapter 35 of the United States Code...

Determining Patent Value with Patent Prosecution Analytics

Determining Patent Value with Patent Prosecution Analytics

There are many reasons to assess a patent application’s value. Venture capitalists looking to invest in a company may wish to value the company’s patent portfolio to help determine the company’s value and the risk of their investment. For small companies, a valuable...

Top 5 Patent Search Questions

Top 5 Patent Search Questions

Common Client Questions and How Patent Searches Can Help Find Answers #1. "Can I make, use, and/or sell my product?" In all reality, your client may not have the foresight to ask, but a patent professional knows that launching a product without conducting a patent...

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